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Looking to find new clients online? Are your clients seeking to validate your business’ credibility by looking at your website? Make sure you are prepared when people look up your business online with our custom website builds and designs.

Nicholas P., Tech Startup


“James is the developer you want on your next project. Here’s the deal. Yes, my project was completed perfectly and on-time. Yes, his technical skills are first-class. But what truly sets him apart from the sea of developers on UpWork is his ability to meet the needs of a corporate client. His communication skills are second-to-none and he’s consistently available. He’s more than willing to work directly with the various gatekeepers within your organization to reach your goals. And, he fully understands the need to demonstrate the impact of his work with video explainers, detailed emails, and dedicated conference calls. Make no mistake — James is who you need to hire on your next project. You will not be disappointed.”

CJ M., Technical Recruiting


“James did a fantastic job with building our website. He took the time upfront to understand our needs and built a site that accomplishes everything we envisioned. He was patient throughout the processes as we went through revisions and edits and even delivered short tutorial videos at the end of the process to help us out with maintaining our site. I’d highly recommend him for future work!”

Roopali G., Medical Education


“Excellent experience in every way!”

Shawn S., Construction Litigation


“Job well done! James is a true talent and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with him on future projects.”

Lisa T., Commercial Real Estate


“James has been a rockstar part of our team! Not only is he super responsive, but he also contributed to the art/creativity, functionality and ultimately productivity/efficiency of our group.

He really did help us tremendously.”

Marie E., Megayacht Company


“This was now my second project with James and it couldn’t have gone any easier or better. We had a tight timeline to have our website revamped and it just a few conversations and within a week, he was able to make the updates in a way we never could’ve accomplished ourselves. Also just a nice guy. Highly recommend!”

Andie A., Influencer


“James is everything you’d ever want in a developer. He is always quick to respond and explains everything he is doing thoroughly. He completes every task I hand him and offers suggestions for things that I know less about. I will continue to hire him in the future and trust him with all of my website needs!”

William M., Talent Maniacs


“This Web Developer is incredible to work with because of their passion, design skills, communication, and follow up. They not only do everything they say, they dig deeper and understand business. I will definitely work with This Web Developer on future projects.”

Melissa S., Travel Blogger


“I could not have asked for a better experience than I had with working together with This Web Developer. Communication, skill level, and quality of work are above and beyond. Not only all of those things but I feel like I’ve made a friend as well. Never hesitate in hiring James! He’s a rockstar!

Daniel W., Educator


“This Web Developer was very professional and far exceeded my expectations. I was truly amazed at how much knowledge they had of building my website and incorporating various designs, widgets, and other marketable features. I cannot believe how awesome my website looks. I strongly recommend This Web Developer and would not doubt they would do great work for you as well.”

Matthew M., Milligan Marketing


“This Web Developer responds quickly and ensures you are pleased with the work. They are extremely knowledgeable and able to provide great tips/suggestions.”

About This Web Developer

Thanks for coming to my site – if you are on this page it means you want to know a little more about who “This Web Developer” is and how the business can help you get the website you want.

My name is James DeLapa, and for all intents and purposes, I am “this” web developer. I thought the name would be kind of funny if someone couldn’t remember my name. At the time, I was a one-man operation looking for anyone willing to pay for my web services. Flash forward to today, I have been lucky enough to work with many amazing clients and grow a network of talented specialists to handle any job that comes across my desk.

My background in web development is a bit unorthodox – I got my start building websites when a contractor did a terrible job building a website for me. When I was forced to fix my new website, I discovered a new passion in making websites.

Over the past several years, I have aggressively sought to become the best WordPress web developer possible by working with many clients and businesses. I enjoy taking challenging jobs and rising to the occasion. Clients find my communication to be a leading strength – I make the process of building a website as easy to understand and as clear as possible.

When clients present a want or need that is out of my scope of services, I work with my network of specialists to make sure the client gets what they need without needing to look elsewhere for various web specialists.

If you are looking for someone to see your vision for a website and make it happen online, you will find I will take your website to the next level. We will communicate throughout the process, and at the end of the project, you will get the best outcome for your project and more.

Thanks again for taking some time to learn about me and the network that comprises This Web Developer – we are here to help you. Reach out if you are interested in working together!


James DeLapa

My Proven Process for Designing Your Site

We developed a standard, proven process that creates positive results for clients.  By knowing my process, you’ll always know exactly where your project stands as you see it come together.  The following is a multi-phase process of clear steps that simply work.  These eight phases, followed in order, can move along swiftly while making sure we do things in the right order.  The main reason we follow this process is that it delivers results that clients love!

Phase 1:  You provide your content—photos, videos, text, and articles.

Don’t have your content yet?  Let’s talk about your timeline. Then, ‘batch’ your content and send it all at once.  Why?  We have found over and over that when clients wait to send their content altogether, they have clearer thoughts about what they want and have fewer revisions, saving you time and money.

Phase 2:  We discuss your design ideas and requirements. 

We will have a phone conversation about your goals for your new website.  You’ll tell us your ideas or even point me to some sites you like.  We’ll talk colors, fonts, and layout ideas.  We’ll discuss all the key components of your site.  We’ll hone in on the number of pages and what should go on each page. We will be sure to take copious notes!

Phase 3:  We design your site.

This is where it starts to get fun!  Your initial site will start to bring it all together.  It will have all the things we discussed in Phase 2.  But…it won’t look just the way you want it.  When you know how this process works, that won’t bother you, because you’ll know what’s coming in Phase 4.

Phase 4:  We go through your site on the phone and make decisions together about the final site.  

In this conversation, you’ll be telling us, “I like this.  I don’t like that.  Make this bigger.  Make this smaller.  I love this color but hate that one.  Etc, etc, etc.”   We will provide our professional input and you make the decisions.  Then, you let us go back to work to quickly bring your site together.

Phase 5:  The fine-tuning. 

We go to work making all the changes we discussed in Phase 4, bringing your site into focus to look just the way you want it.  Frankly, clients usually get nervous in Phase 4 and then get excited after Phase 5.  We share this process so clients know—that’s normal!

Phase 6:  The punch list.  

After you’ve had a chance to look over your Phase 5 site, there will still be a few things you want me to tweak.  Now is the time!  You provide one complete list of all the changes that remain and we will turn them around for the final phase.  It’s not uncommon to have a number of small changes—no problem.  We just need them all in one list, one time.  Note:  Revisions are fine, but complete re-designs at this step would require a change order with additional cost.  Again—that’s why we share this process, so you’re sure that we hone in on what you want in Phase 4 and 5.

Phase 7:   Site Performance.

When we design a site as outlined above, our core focus is user experience, functionality, and visual appeal.  Then, we turn attention to site performance.  How fast do your pages load?  How does your site look on a computer, a tablet, a mobile phone?  Our team will be sure that we’ve used design techniques that enable your site to perform well.  We will also let you know if there are things about your web-hosting or content that are holding your site back.  We will fix any performance issues caused by the design and provide you with a list of other issues that are beyond the design.

Phase 8:  Your Website is Complete!

At this point, we will submit a request for final acceptance and payment.  From the beginning, we will be working to create great work that you will recommend and perhaps even provide a testimonial for our services! We always want to be at the top of mind when you are looking for someone on your next project, and we are only as good as our last job, so please let us know if there is anything we need to do to earn your recommendation!  The ultimate compliment is when clients refer our services to friends and colleagues.


The process outlined above has been proven to give clients peace of mind and a site that ‘wows’ them.  When you work with our team, you know exactly what to expect and we find clients really appreciate that.

Our team works Monday through Friday, but we save our weekends for family, friends, and just re-charging. We are responsive and occasionally work late, but don’t pull all-nighters.  That means you’ll always have a rested, energetic, motivated professionals working on your project!

We created this process to make sure that our services are a mutual fit, so if you have any questions about the process, we are always available to discuss how we can work with your company’s needs.

Thank You For Your Patronage

This Web Developer is not presently taking on new business. If you are in touch about existing work, the existing contact information is still the same. 

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M-F: 10am - 6pm Pacific