Ace & Ella Care Guide and Essential Information

Hi there! Thank you so much for taking care of our beloved fur babies. We really appreciate you putting in the time, care, and effort – so we made this quick and simple guide to ensure you have everything you need to make the care experience as easy as possible.


Emergency Contacts

#1 James DeLapa – 858-342-9614 & Christina Voors 310-321-8159

#2 Kim DeLapa – Mobile: 619-997-0365 Home: 858-792-0563

#3 Jim DeLapa – 858-947-8324

#4 Ryan Farmer – 858-774-7775

#5 Maureen DeLapa – 858-740-7400 (text first)

#6 Michelle DeLapa – 858-947-8675


Veterinarian Information

Primary Veterinarian: Dr. Laura Dowd, Dr. Lidja Gillmeister

Since Ella has recently been diagnosed with Cushing’s disease, she has recently picked up the unfortunate habit of occasionally trying to eat her own poop. Please be sure to contact us first, then the vet if anything comes up. They have you as an approved decision maker in an emergency and also have my payment information on file.


Del Norte Animal Hospital 


10449 Reserve Dr #140, 

San Diego, CA 92127


Preferred Emergency Veterinarian

Both Ace & Ella have been here before – if either dog requires non immediate medical care, we strongly prefer this clinic instead of ER4PETS.


Veterinary Specialty Hospital of San Diego

(858) 875-7500

10435 Sorrento Valley Rd, 

Sorrento Valley, CA 92121

Nearest Emergency Veterinarian

We have never been here before, but this is the nearest 24h emergency vet.




12335 World Trade Dr #16 

San Diego, CA 92128


Typical Routine


8:30am – Breakfast, then Walk


Ace & Ella both eat Just Food for Dogs – Grain Free Fish Recipe

  • In order to properly prepare their food, please use the box located in the cabinet below the jura coffee machine. 
  • Use the bowls next to the dried food to feed the dogs. Ella uses the geometric bowls when available. 
  • Use the metal scoop located in the food bag to provide Ace and Ella both one heaping scoop (¼ cup) into their respective bowls. Going a little over the scoop volume is better than going under – Ella needs to gain weight and Ace will burn off the extra 🙂
  • Using the coffee machine, press the button at the back of the top area to turn the machine on. 
    • Once the machine has completed its startup, use the nozzle on the right by turning slightly to the left to add hot water to each bowl. 
    • Add just enough to make the dried mixture into a thick mixture. 
    • Use the chopsticks located next to the coffee machine to stir the mixture and leave no dried food.
    • Next, use the water dispenser in the fridge to add cool water. When mixed, the food should be a lightly soupy texture.
    • Just in case:



12:00-1:30pm – Somewhere in between, take the pups outside to use the bathroom.

Since the baby is coming we are trying to get the pups used to toileting outside. If possible, please take them to the small park if you want to walk them around or the interior grass patch inside lincoln loop if you want the dogs to use the bathroom quickly… or at least Ella! The interior loop has all sorts of dog smells… so I think that’s why they go so quickly.

7:30pm – Ella gets her Denamarin

Give Ella one pill of denamarin – you only need to do this once per day, one hour before dinner. Ella’s pills can be found in the left hand drawer on the island (images below provide details). The bottle isn’t red anymore, but it says denamarin on it. 

8:30pm Feed Dogs Again

Ace & Ella receive their food – same instructions as before in terms of measurements (1/4 cup each, which is one full scoop).

Ella also needs her 1/4 pill of Ursodiol – the instructions are on the counter and I cut the pills already, so while we are gone she should only take 1 total quarter tab per day with dinner (so she eats less than a whole pill before we get back). You can just set this in her food once you have made it and she will inevitably eat it up!


Allergies & Medications

  • Ace & Ella both have experienced pancreatitis. 
  • Ella is deathly allergic to bees – always carry benadryl when going outside with Ella – she can take a quarter tab in an emergency.
  • Neither dog can take any treat other than blueberries in the bag in the drawer!
The water bowl is next to the couch – we replace the water regularly either by washing the bowl and adding water from the fridge tap, or by replacing the bowl with one from under the coffee machine (there are three).

Cleaning and Dog Pad Guide

Ace and Ella are trained to use their dog pads as needed. Dog bags and pads are in the closet as needed. You are welcome to throw the dog pads in the trash can on the second floor or in the garbage can in the side yard. 

If the dogs miss the pad and you need to use a mop, the pads and mop are in the closet next to the pad. The spray we use for the wood floor is pictured below. We exclusively use folex and the red and white enzymatic spray for the carpet and upholstery.

Walking Guide

Both dogs use harnesses – Ace’s harness is blue and Ella’s is pink. Ella needs boots to walk outdoors. Whenever you walk the dogs, please keep the leash to 6 feet or shorter and be on a constant lookout for bees. The safest walk is the interior loop outside the garage by the house. 

There is an astroturf pad the dogs can use, but we also often let the dogs do their business in the grass across the street. We keep the dogs to the sidewalk unless they have to use the restroom. Ace can go on the grass more as he does not have a bee allergy.