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You can ignore them as much as you want– but like most things that you avoid, they just won’t go away.  I’m talking about backlinks, and I am here to tell you that they are important if you want to get people to come to your website. Any halfway decent WordPress blogger realizes that creating backlinks is just something you have to do, much like you have to brush your teeth, wash your face, etc.

It simple really. Google determines how “Worthy of Reading” your content is by the number of other websites that link to it. The more links the greater the authority and the higher the rankings you will get.

The problem most bloggers find with backlinks is figuring out how to get them. And while it might seem like the process is akin to finding a needle in the haystack, it really is not all that difficult. Basically there are a few good ways to get backlinks and you want to use these methods. But once you acquire a few basic backlinks, especially those that come naturally or from guest blogging, then you can use the same information to article share, and thereby get even more backlinks.

What Do I Mean By Natural Backlinks?

The absolute top of the line backlink is the one you get naturally. This is when someone likes your content and refers to it in their own and links to your website. How do you get these natural backlinks? The best way to do this is simply by creating outstanding content that other people will want to refer to and share.

Even so, it isn’t practical to think that people will just automatically link to your site not unless you are a website like the New York Times. So you need to give yourself a little help in this area and actively look for places on the web where you can share your website and its great content.

Sharing and promoting your article

Guest Posting

One of the most successful ways of getting backlinks is to offer to guest post for other blogs or websites that have similar niches as yours. Most website owners have a difficult time in finding good content and are perfectly willing to give you a link back to your side in exchange for writing a nice article on their site. You can usually add this in somewhere within your content or even at the end in the author’s bio. Once you post the article to the other website, you can share it on social media, your own blog, and other websites we will outline below.

So once you have started writing for your own website and have started guest blogging for other related blogs (but not in direct competition with you), you can leverage this work by sharing and promoting your article online. Share your work, your ambitions, and your accomplishments and you will get a wider audience and will acquire a stronger online presence in your field. When you share you get cited (i.e.backlinks) by other websites. Just make sure that you receive credit for your work.

The Importance of Social Media

One of the first places to start is social media. Choose topics that are related to your niche but attract a wide enough audience that other social media users will want to share and reference it in their social media profiles and on their blogs. Use social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram. All of these are essentially websites that have outstanding reputations, so when you share your content here you get backlinks to your site.

Participate in The Forums

Today there are a ton of forums online and the in all different niches. The purpose of this type of website is to inform, help and educate readers on topics or interests in that particular niche. Look through the forums and take note of the issues or difficulties. Write a blog or article and post it to your own site , or a website where you contribute as a writer. On the forums answer a question and then add the links to your articles that have more complete information. A word of caution though. Many blogs have “nofollow” attributes turned on in their forums, which means that the SEO value becomes null and void, because Google does not count this link toward your ranking value.

Before you start spending your time on forums or even on guest blogs be sure to check the website in question. Make sure the website is not using the “nofollow” attribute. It is really easy to check a website to see if the have this attribute turned on by looking at their source code. Check the links and see if they have a rel=”nofollow” tag next to it. But if you are unsure as to how to do that, go look for a Chrome or Firefox SEO extension that will alert you to these types of websites.

Delicious or StumbleUpon

Basically both of these sites are what we call bookmarking sites. People use them to keep track of interesting information and articles they find and want to access some time in the future. Anyone can sign up and as a blogger, it is critical that you have an account. When you write new content, you want to head over to these two websites and submit the link to your articles. This gives other users the opportunity to also share your links on these sites. Just one little tip for working with bookmarking websites. You want to share your own work, but it is bad form to always and exclusively share what you write, so combine article shares from your own blog with that of other articles you find interesting (written by other people).

Bottom Line

Building up backlinks is much like losing weight or even going to college. You do a little bit day by day.Don’t expect to build up hundreds or thousands of links in just one day. Most really outstanding bloggers use a combination of the above methods to get the backlinks they need. And YOU can too. It just takes a little effort.

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