How Can I Use Quora to Get Traffic to My Site?

It is so frustrating. You work so hard on creating content and then no one reads it. It almost feels like you are putting on a show and having no one in the audience.

If you could just get some people to your blog you know that they would appreciate your content. So you try to promote your work, but you still feel frustrated by all the work you have to do with so little pay back.

It is time consuming and exhausting, but there is something you can do that is easy and can drive traffic to your website. It is a strategy that gets you new visitors and backlinks and you don’t have to cold call other businesses up to ask for links.

It’s Quora.

Yes Quora can drive traffic to your blog.

What Is Quora?

It is a Question and Answer platform where people can post questions and get answers from experts like you. Quora started back in 2009, but you may not have heard of it, or you may have only encountered it occasionally — like when you have a question. But Quora is big and some of the biggest names in history have taken the time to answer questions here. Everyone from Barack Obama to the smartest professors at Harvard.

How Can Quora Help You as A Blogger?

Quora can bring you traffic. Answers often hit millions of views and many of those views translate to people looking for resources of the answers (in other words your blog.)

Why Quora?

Quora is an expert platform and if you answer questions — well then, you are an expert. You help readers with specific problems and here are just a few of the benefits for you as a Quora expert.

Benefits of Using Quora

Long -Term Traffic

Quora offers long term benefits. When you answer on the platform you can get traffic for months and even years. Some bloggers still receive traffic for answers they posted more than a year ago and that results in more people finding you.

Quora Gives You Authority

You suddenly become one of the most known writers in your topic. You start hob nobbing with the big guys. And the best part is that you don’t have to post as regularly as you might think. So long as you are occasionally active on your topic you will do fine.

Quora Gets You Noticed by Big Publications

If you continue to write for Quora you eventually get quoted or featured by some of the big magazines like Forbes or The Huffington Post. These publications often turn to Quora for answers and will cite the author who answered a question well.

How Can You Tap Into Quora Benefits?

Fill Out Your Profile

The first thing you want to do is fill out  your profile efficiently. You want to fill it out to look totally professional. This is what makes you stand out from thousands of other people on Quora. You have to add profile pics and specify your expertise. You need a fabulous Profile bio which is the headline that comes under your name. You also need to decide on the topic you want to be known for.  And this needs to speak of experience and professionalism.  The profile bio is important because it is next to your name and after any answer you create. Besides the bio you want to fill out your profile summary. This only shows up when someone clicks on it but many people do so this is the way to look extremely professional and experienced.

Go Look for Answers

Before you start writing answers you need to go look for the answers that attract views. Look for topics that relate to your blog. Once you see the topics that attract the most attention go and look at the FAQ for that topic. This demonstrates the questions that are being asked. When ready answer these questions fully. When you answer, the people following the question will get a notification of your answer.

Think and Write Answers Carefully

Use stories or examples to write answers. The story is very powerful.Personal experiences and stories do well on Quora and people identify with them. When possible add pictures to emphasize points. Answers with pictures get more shares than those without. Besides, answers with pictures tend to stand out from others.

There Is a Golden Key Element to Doing It Right

The secret to getting traffic to your blog is to give enough value in your answers, but just enough to get your reader’s attention. Don’t give away all the answers. Make your reader come to your blog to read the full answer to the question. The point is that you need to answer questions and then take the answer to a full in-depth article on your blog. This will bring readers to you and grow your email registration list.

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