How to Use Infographics to Obtain Backlinks

Do you know what an infographic is? After all it is a rather strange word and doesn’t make sense. How does information and graphic work together? The answer is pretty simple. Essentially a graphic is a visual information–and well you know what information is. So basically an infographic is the merging of the two. It is a visual representation of information that would otherwise take pages and pages to understand. It is this visual representation that makes the info easy to understand.

The truth is that people are visual and we really only remember about 20% of what we read. But we are more visual because 90% of what the brain processes is visual. That is why we can process visual elements faster than text. And this is the reason why the most shared and liked posts on social media are images. In fact, many users say that they see an increase in traffic by as much as 12% when you publish infographics.

Everyone loves infographics. They are bright colorful and offer great information without your needing to read anything. Websites all over the world use them, and a lot of them go viral when they are shared on social media and often go viral.

Now all of that is great and all, but does it really warrant the time and effort in making an infographic? Maybe not, but there is another reason for creating infographics and most people don’t even mention this benefit. Infographics create BACKLINKS. They enhance your SEO and give other websites a good reason to link to your webpage.

Infographics offer a very creative way of building backlinks from authoritative domains.

How Do You Build an Infographic that Goes Viral?

Creating a good infographic is not rocket science there are some very common elements that make an infographic go viral.

Create a Story

You need to have a clear story before you start the design work. Make sure your story is well thought out before you start your infographic. The story will define the type of design you want.

Great Design

Take your time with the design  and make sure it is eye-catching and outstanding. Research your information and statistics because these tend to do well. Remember that an infographic is a visual representation of data.


Once you finish your design and place it on your website, you need to promote your infographic just like you do your regular articles, otherwise your infographic will just sit there like a log in a great big Internet sea.

How The Process Works

  1. Choose a good topic – research your topic before you start your design.
  2. Design your infographic – If graphic design is not your strong point you can use software like Piktochart or Canva.
  3. Publish – Upload your new infographic to your website.
  4. Make it easy to share – to increase your chances of getting backlinks, create an embedded code for the infographic using programs like Siege Media
  5. Share to social media and make it easy for your fans to share. Use the SumoMe App to share images. This way when someone places the mouse over the infographich they will get social media sharing icons.


Promote Your Infographic

Unless you have a very popular website with thousands of readers, you will have to promote your infographic once you have it on your website and have shared on Facebook. Here are a few ways you can promote it.

  1. Share it on your social media accounts (covered in the above section).
  2. Write a press release to explain your infographic. Use sites like PR Leap, or PRWeb for press release submissions. Just make sure your infographic design and data are exceptional.
  3. Submit your infographic post (on your website) to directories.
  4. Create an Outreach program to other related websites. Use Google to find bloggers who place infographics on their websites.


Measure Your Success

Once you have done the work you want to measure your success. Your goal is to get more visitors and get backlinks that can help rank your site higher in the search engines. You need to measure the success of your infographic campaign to see what works and what doesn’t. You can use tools like Monitor Backlinks to give you alerts when someone uses your infographics. This way you can thank them and start building relationships with other bloggers.

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