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Introducing the fastest, easiest, and the most cost-effective way to make sure your website stays up to date and secure. Save time and money while ensuring that your website is always open for business by subscribing to our professional website management services. We will keep your website backed up, continuously monitored for security and downtime events, and we will keep WordPress and your plugins updated and secured. If your website is important to your business, our disaster recovery solutions will even keep a live backup ready-to-go with the flip of a switch in case your website goes down for any reason.


All Pricing is Month to Month with No Annual Commitment

Why Do I Need All This Stuff?

Your website lives in a very bad part of town called the internet. The internet is full of theives, hackers, and spammers! Thankfully, the good folks of WordPress and many of their plugin developers constantly work to keep their code safe so your website doesn’t get hacked. As a result, if your website is up to date, the odds of you getting hacked are far slimmer than letting your website age online without any attention.

So here is where things get technical: Since your website requires regular code updates and upgrades to stay safe, your website actually changes quite a bit internally! Even though your site looks the same on the outside, there is a lot more going on behind the scenes. Your plugins, themes, and hosting plan all need to remain compatible in order to keep your site to up and running… and unfortunately, none of these people talk.

Do you know why so many websites are hacked or suddenly stop working? Sadly, it’s because most people create a website and just stop. They don’t perform site updates and they don’t verify that they are making backups that actually work. And when the unthinkable happens it’s a very big problem. For a small monthly fee, they could have probably prevented the problem.

So why do I need you to run a few simple updates? Securing, updating, and backing up websites is what we do. Every day.

Updating your website the right way requires regular backups, and if something happens while updating your website, how great would it feel to know that your developer is going to take care of things at no extra charge?

So that is what we do! We will make sure your website has regular backups and we will safely update your site. If something goes wrong, we will handle it!

…And What is Disaster Recovery and Why Do I Need It?

If you have managed your own website over the past several years you are bound to have experienced one or more of the many potential reasons a website could go down. Just to name a few:

  • A problem with your hosting provider
  • Incompatible WordPress updates crash your website
  • A recent plugin or theme update overloads your server
  • Hackers gain access to your site
  • A theme update completely changes your website formatting
  • A website transfer goes wrong and you are missing data

If any of these things have happened to you or someone you know, you are aware that the first step is usually, panic!  You try to call your web developer but can’t find them. They are busy on other projects. Next, you call your hosting company. After experiencing longer than expected hold times, or perhaps wondering why “Mike S.” on the chat line talks a lot like a robot, you finally start to poke around and work on a solution to your problems. God help you if they have to transfer your call to a specialist.

As a developer, I have spent quite a bit of time fixing websites, and the one thing I have learned is that it is far easier to be prepared for an event than to hastily backtrack to save as much of your website as possible.

Disaster Recovery Means When Your Site Goes Down We Go to Work

Just like a high-end care that needs to be maintained, your website will need periodic maintenance to continue to drive business for you. The state of WordPress, themes, and plugins is constantly changing to prevent hackers and spammers from taking over your site and adding malicious content! An update on one component can conflict with the rest of your site. When that happens you will want to have someone ready get your website back up right away and get to the bottom of what took down your site so it doesn’t happen again.

The Platinum Plan with disaster recovery will ensure that you are covered when your site goes down for any reason. We will resolve the issue to get your site back up and running or roll over to our disaster recovery backup site at no additional cost. You’re always covered, regardless of the cause.

With our Platinum service, if disaster strikes, we have you covered! YourOur site will be backed-up, you will know who to call, and your website will be restored in as little as one hour!

What is included in Disaster Recovery?

  • A Fully Hosted Live Backup – When the site goes down, we point your URL to the Backup and *Poof* You are back in business!
  • Error Resolution – Your site went down for a reason and we do not want it to happen again. We will look into what caused your site to go down in the first place and make sure that we avoid repeat events by taking preventative measures.
  • Restoration of Your Live Site – Sure, the backup is pretty awesome, but we use it for emergencies. Once we resolve your website issues, we get your previous host back to tip-top shape and make it go live again! The backup goes back to waiting for the next time it is needed, and so do we.

Here is the full breakdown of services:

Disaster Protection

If your website ever goes down, we have a hosted backup ready to go live at all times. In addition to the backed up website, the Disaster Protection services include a thorough investigation into what crashed the website. We will also restore your website using our most recent stable backup if the problem is not repairable. This solution is often used for enterprise level companies for an incredible sum of money, and we are happy to bring a very similar service to our customers at a reasonable rate.

Priority Response Times

Sometimes issues arise all at once. We always strive to make sure nothing lasts for longer than 24 hours, and we certainly aim to fix problems right when they happen. We put our other development projects on hold to ensure your site is fixed and back to work as quickly as possible!

Website Backups

Our incremental backup system allows us to create monthly, weekly, and even daily website backups and save them to our digital dropbox. If you would like the files we can even have them sent to you! Our integrated system allows us to restore a backup with the click of a button, so the frequency with which we back up your site will dictate how little information you will lose if your site ever goes down.

Core, Plugin, and Theme Updates

Updates have the potential to cause the most chaos on your website, so when we update your plugins, we always back up your website to ensure that any errors that occur during an update will result in no data loss. This safe method of updating your site will ensure that you maintain a secure and well updated site without risking a potential bad update putting you in touch with customer support.

Security Threat Analysis

We regularly run scans of your website to check for vulnerabilities present on your website that could give hackers access to your accounts. If we find anything, you will be the first to know. We will send you the security results and come up with your options to keep your site safe and secure.


SEO Keyword Tracker

Since you probably want to know how your website ranks on the web, we figured it would be a good idea to allow you to do some minor SEO tracking to keep an eye on the state of your website. We can track up to 100 keywords or phrases to see how you rank on Google!

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Your site needs to look good and run efficiently in order to impress Google and your audience at the same time. In the spirit of making sure your website meets performance standards, we run performance tests on your website to give you reports on how to make your website load faster without compromising quality to your users. The more frequently you make changes to your website, the more you will want to check this report.

Uptime Monitoring

You can’t keep an eye on your website 24/7 but our Uptime monitors can! By regularly checking to make sure your website is still up and running, you will be able to make sure you don’t lose out on new visitors and potential new business! Our Uptime monitors send alerts to us whenever the site is down, and we will investigate the problem as soon as possible! The more frequent the monitor check, the less time your website will ever spend down.


Client Reports

All this work needs to be tracked and reported so you know you are getting your money’s worth. Our client report gives you details about what we did over the month to make sure your website remained in good health on the web.

Included Additional Maintenance

Gold and Platinum tier maintenance plans include some miscellaneous site maintenance hours because we know there are always little things that people want to improve on your website. Whether you want to upload a new photo to your about page or simply want to have us spend an hour making your website run faster to improve your performance monitor grade, the time is yours to use, and Gold Members can even roll over up to 2 months of unused time for use on whatever you want.

Discounted Service Rates

Have a bigger project? We would love to help! If you are a Gold or Platinum Maintenance member, we will give you a significant discount on our hourly rates on your projects.

Rate Lock

As a Gold or Platinum member of our Maintenance Plan, you will never receive a rate adjustment so long as you maintain continued service in one of these plans. This includes both our discounted hourly rates and the monthly maintenance rates. Enjoy the savings!

Multiple Websites? Contact Us For a Discount!

All this backup and maintenance stuff can add up when you have multiple websites, and you can save a ton of time by letting us manage your network! Drop us a line and send us the URL’s of your websites so we can give you a custom package to fit your service needs.


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